This world is not made of shades of grey. It is made of colours like azura and coral and emerald and marigold. But it insists on painting everything in black and white and fitting it into boxes it understands. Do not do that to yourself. Paint your personality a million different colours. Leave them scratching their heads unsure of how to handle the magic you are.
— Nikita Gill, Colours : And yes colours is spelled differently.



about us

At Roark & Company, llc we believe that fundraising and saying thank you is an art form. A way to express one’s self, business or mission statement in the best possible way with the best possible outcomes. We are a full service development consulting boutique that can provide nonprofit organizations with the tools and resources necessary to fund and grow their critical programs that service their communities. we also build meaningful and robust stewardship programs to thank their supporters and stakeholders. these programs develop donor loyalty and deepen relationships with your organization and mission. To Learn More about our Experience and Skill sets visit us at Meet the Owner.


But we don’t stop there. We also believe that saying thank you can also be a personal experience. One that is crafted with personal touches and creativity. You don’t have to be an organization or a mission, but you can be a team of one that also enjoys the art of saying thank you. At our thank you shop we can provide you with the most creative ways to do just that.





you can rest Easy. you are in good hands.

With over 12 years of fundraising experience Roark & Company can provide you with creative, innovative and knowledgeable ideas and concepts. our services have supported small to large scale nonprofits, established organizations and start-ups both local and regional. these organizations have included animal welfare, education, youth and families, economics, healthcare and hospice based missions. we are a hands on consulting firm who puts our clients first.

to learn more about our work and experience visit us on LinkedIn or visit our blog post Meet the Owner .

For more information on our programs please contact Hilary Bryan at


menu of fundraising services


We all know fundraising can be tricky. Who do we ask? How do we ask? What does fundraising mean to our organization? 

You are in luck because all of those questions can be answered by Roark & Company. We provide a full service program that is tailored to the needs of the organization and their philanthropic goals. We host a menu of fundraising options that you as the organization can chose from to accommodate your needs. There is no one size fits all package. We provide customized options because we know that your organization is unique.

Contact Hilary Bryan at 843.415.6010 or by email at the following address to set-up a meeting to discuss taking your organization to the next level in the most creative and affordable way possible. You can also reach us through our contact section below.


Strategic Planning

A review of each area of fundraising, but even more importantly a developed fundraising program that is tailored to your organization and donors. The strategic plan includes a month-by-month calendar of fundraising implementation, strategic vision and investment outcomes. All services listed below are included.

fundraising 101

An introduction to what fundraising means in terms of cultivating relationships, making the ask and the importance of stewardship. It also includes a review of different methods of giving and how to involve staff, volunteers, donors and your Board to become your greatest strength and biggest champions.

major giving

Building a major giving program within your organization that is based on donor and prospect research, data analysis, implementation of the Moves Management Model, best cultivation and stewardship practices, giving circles and step-up programs.

Direct mail

Understanding the investment of direct mail and it's return in profit. This includes creative concepts, data analysis, segmentation processes for audience appropriate messaging, creative writing, data driven variable implementation, cost vs return analysis, creating a deeper understanding of your donor file and re-activation of lapsed donors and acquisition processes.



web philanthropy

How to make the internet work for your organization. A deeper look at online giving via Crowdfunding, social media platforms and your own organization's personal website. Providing an understanding of web analytics and how to strengthen your overall position to infiltrate multiple markets and strengthen relationships.


corporate partnerships

Making connections between your organization and corporations and businesses in and outside your community that make sense and produce partnerships. Generating proposals, potential partnership research, marketing benefits and outcome research and reporting. These partnerships would include in-kind and financial philanthropic support.

event planning and sponsorships

Everyone likes to attend a good event, but everyone loves and remembers a great event. From day of details, to event ideas, to sponsorships to silent and live auctions we can provide it all. Just ask us.


The art of saying thank you. Providing your organization with an in-depth personalized plan that not only represents your organization's mission and goals, but one that fits your donors. This can be a personalized plan on a donor-by-donor case, a small event, to every day stewardship practices.

board development

An in-depth review of how your organization's Board can support the philanthropic needs of the mission. This includes hosted retreats that provide useful, hands-on learning that include resources, education and tools when it comes to Board Fundraising.






At roark and company we also believe in the art of saying thank you. Giving thanks is more then just words, but an activity. 


Our thank You shop strives to make it memorable. We provide concepts, gifts and all things of gratitude. 



Our services are created with local items to support Local Businesses in our community!

Visit us on Instagram and Facebook to see items and inspiration and check out our services listed below! Contact Hilary at for services and support!



Thank you Shop and Gift services


You are one of a kind

Do you need that one-of-a-kind gift that says you are amazing? Look no further! You tell us what you are looking for, what the gift means and we will come up with concepts, do the shopping and put it all together with a special touch. We will even deliver it directly to you.


Creative Carding

Everyone loves getting something in the mail. And by mail we mean the actual mailbox. You tell us the type of card you want to send and we will create it for you. All of our cards are handmade and customized to order to make sure that your message it tailored to you and the lucky recipient.




Hostess with the mostess

Are you hosting a luncheon, baby shower, birthday or just an event to thank customers for their patronage? Do you want to make it an affair to remember? We are here for you. We will provide you with concept, décor, take-aways and so much more. We will even set-up for you and break it down as needed. Don't have enough time to gather all your necessary items and effects?  We will do that too!

Gifts galore

Handmade soaps, candles, small art, tiny box messages and you are my cup of tea gifts are available. Many of these items can be made to your specifications. Just send us a message and we will make the gift of your dreams. Visit our Instagram and Facebook page to see some of our goodies.






Roark & Company would like to help you with all things fundraising and gifts! Please send us a note with the information below and we will be sure to respond to you within 24 hours. Meetings or phone calls will be scheduled at the time of response. Thank you so much and we look forward to working with you!



Items. ideas. inspiration.


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