about  us

At Roark & Company, llc we believe that fundraising and saying thank you is an art form. A way to express one’s self, business or mission statement in the best possible way with the best possible outcomes.

our business acumen is simple. provide organizations with tools and resources to successfully fund their critical missions and provide businesses and individuals with the best gifting experience possible.

what we pride ourselves on is that all of this is done through our lowcountry connections, networks, services and products. we are committed to supporting and investing in our local community.


What  we  do 

1. We provide Nonprofits with strategic, targeted and individualized fundraising services to grow their mission, build their financial resources and steward their supporters and partners in the most meaningful way possible.

2. We also provide gift services and private event planning. These services include personal gifts as well as large event favors such as weddings, customer appreciation events and more. 75% of each Gift Boxe and event services are comprised of vendors and items from local businesses and artisans.  


Our  Philosophy  

here in the lowcountry we have numerous charitable organizations all working towards the common good. we are also a community that holds a thriving small business community. our nonprofits not only rely on the generosity of private donors, grants and large corporation partnership, but also on our local business.

at Roark & Company our philosophy is simple: for our nonprofit community to continue to maintain and provide critical resources to those they service; the local businesses must in turn be invested in to thrive and be able to provide philanthropic support. And that is what we are striving to do through our business. a multi-level investment in community wide efforts both nonprofit and for-profit. 


Fundraising services

We are a full service development consulting boutique that can provide nonprofit organizations with the tools and resources necessary to fund and grow their critical programs that service their communities. we also build meaningful and robust stewardship programs to thank their supporters and stakeholders. these programs develop donor loyalty and deepen relationships with your organization and mission. To Learn More about our Experience and Skill sets visit us at Meet the Owner.